Thank you so much!

I am deeply grateful to my neighbors across the East Side for electing me your State Representative, and humbled by the trust you have placed in me.

Now, of course, begins the real work of putting all of the ideas, conversations, and plans we have talked about over the last six months into action! It won’t be easy to make real, progressive change – but I know that with your help, together, it will be possible.


Dear Neighbors,

I’m running for State Representative in Summit, Blackstone and Mount Hope because we need new, effective leadership to move Providence forward.

From education to employment to our tax structure, we have some big challenges in our state. It can be very difficult to make progress on these issues. But it is possible – I know, because I’ve done it.

We need leadership that will stand up to the failed tax policies that have hurt Rhode Island’s middle class for too long. I have brought people together to win real victories for tax fairness, including mobilizing a successful campaign that won $30 million in payments from Brown University to the City of Providence. As State Representative, I will fight to provide property tax relief to Providence by restoring state aid that has been cut to our cities and towns.  And, I will focus on making the investments – like sustainable funding for infrastructure and public transportation – that our economy needs to thrive.

I have helped make educational progress that comes from the bottom up, with youth, parents, educators, and community members. After founding a youth-led nonprofit, the Providence Student Union, I have worked with young people to make real differences in our schools. We’ve taken on the bureaucracy and different interests to win free bus passes for hundreds of Providence families who live far from school, healthier school lunches, building repairs, a limit to high-stakes standardized testing, and much more. Now I’m running for State Representative because we need stronger leadership that will stand up and work effectively to ensure every one of our public schools is providing the high quality, empowering education our young people deserve.

As your State Representative, I will advocate for investments in working families, which are the backbone of our state’s economy. Imagine the job growth we could have seen by now if we had invested $75 million in training programs or hundreds of small businesses instead of one video game company?  We need to end the culture of insider deal-making and cronyism that creates an unfair playing field in our state. Large corporations are doing fine without additional taxpayer subsidies, so let’s invest those resources in Rhode Island’s real job creators: our working families.

Of course, it’s difficult to have effective economic development when so many people have so little confidence in our government. We know that Rhode Island needs ethics reforms that hold state legislators accountable to the highest standards of responsible behavior. As the first candidate in this race to call for the restoration of the Ethics Commission’s jurisdiction over legislators, I will speak up for these changes at every opportunity, and I will never back down from this promise.

Growing up, my biggest inspiration was my mother, who raised my sister Jessie and me on her own and remains the strongest person I know. Then there’s my grandma, Bernice “Bunny” Regunberg, whose advocacy as Executive Director of the Dutchess County Planned Parenthood – in the days before Roe v. Wade – has always been an amazing inspiration to me. Every year I am profoundly concerned by efforts at the State House to roll back women’s reproductive rights, which is why I’m running to be a strong advocate for progress on these critical issues.

A common question I hear is, “How much of a difference can one representative make up at the State House?” The truth is, getting things done in a chamber of 75 people is difficult, and one person can’t do it alone. But as an effective organizer and advocate, I have a proven track record of making real progress on these critical issues.  With your help, I will bring this same passion and vision to the State House.

In the coming months, I look forward to talking with you as I go door to door and hearing your ideas and hopes for moving Rhode Island in a new direction.  In the meantime, if you would like to talk or meet over a cup of coffee, send me an email at or call my cell phone at 401-263-7770.

Sincerely Yours,